Didi's readings have always been spot-on. They resonate with something in me, and I find their guidance comforting. I feel like other people can benefit from her gift too. I would highly recommend a reading, any reading. It's worth the money. -Zack B.
Extremely fast service. Insightful reading. Surprisingly, I'm going to have to think hard about what it says. Best "cheapie" reading I've ever gotten. Looking forward to spending more for a "big" reading. -haineux
Didi's reading was undeniably spot-on, and the level of insight I received was incredible. She also explained in detail what each card represented, and even though I am rather new to tarot, it was immediately obvious how they related to my query. A truly lovely and thought provoking experience that I would recommend to anyone. -SK
Didi's reading was very insightful, and helped me begin to understand some things about myself that had always kind of mystified me. The reading was expedient yet very accurate, and she really hit on some key points. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great tarot reading. -Zoe
Didi delivers some of the best, empathic tarot card reading I've seen. Her handle of reading card energies and applying them to your question or life events are remarkably spot on. They are on the level of guidance cards, overlapping with your recent past and present to help you better prepare for the decisions in your future. She is my go to for all things tarot! She also delivers a snap of the spread so that you can see the card imagery and can reference it with your results days later. -Cat Mason
I've always been extremely wary--well, fearful really--of card readings, despite my own views of spirituality. Didi was very open, very embracing and understanding of that, and helped me get over this sort of hump, and I couldn't be happier. Without discussing my current obstacles and choices that were either made or awaiting to be made in my life, she gave a very adamantly precise reading--as well as encouragement. She connects intuitively with you, and it is a very fulfilling experience. I am -incredibly- thankful that she was the one to give me my first reading, and I look forward to more! -Myranda
I had to take a week or so to process that. The reading was very enlightening and accurate. I'm still processing it, in fact. Will definitely work more with you! -Maria H.



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