Personalized Readings

   I offer my tarot services at the lowest possible price because I want to share my gifts with the world without taking advantage of anyone or underselling myself. I put time and energy into each and every reading, doing them one at a time and not taking on another one until my energy levels are back where I need them to be. My readings are a form of energy work for me and will not be like any other reading you have ever had.

     On average, you will get your reading within 24-48 hours. Please include a little about yourself in the note section at checkout. Each reading comes with a photo of the cards and a full explanation of how I interpret them in a .pdf file. I will also send you a private link to view your reading online.

     I do not offer third party readings. These are too hard on me and sometimes even impossible. Special exceptions have been made for close friends but please run it by me first. I do not offer guarantees, either. Energy and divination can be very fickle. I am not a lawyer, doctor, or finacial advisor so please use the information you get from me wisely.

5 card Wave Reading - A great reading to get done regularly, this one tells you a little about where you're coming from, where you are, possible obstacles, and a goal to aim for. $12

8 card Past Life Reading - How do the lives you lived before effect you now? This energy intesive reading tells you all about how the souls that linger steer you in this life and how they will impact your life now and down the road. $24

7 card Forward Momentum Reading - Best done after a big life event such as a move, career change, breakup, or something else that has altered the direction of your life. This reading tells you where you are, what you're leaving behind, anything in your path, and what lies ahead. $20

9 card Relationship Question Reading - Do you have a question about your relationship that you want to put to the cards? This reading will tell you a bit about what you and your partner seek and will answer whatever question you put to it. $25


*Other spreads available by request.



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