Here are some of my favorite websites that may be helpful to those seeking energy work and other spiritual information.

Aether Body Art Cat Mason's energy body art is as gorgeous as it is educational. I highly recommend working with her, it's a fantastic experience.
Gryphon's EyeAnother fantastic energy body artist.  His sketches are incredibly beautiful and detailed.
Michelle Belanger Author, energy worker, and close friend of mine. She helped me learn to shield my energy and filter out emotions. I highly recommend her books for anyone interested in the paranormal.
House Kheperu House Kheperu, the House of Transformation. Energy workers, teachers, and spiritual guides. There is so much you can learn here.
The Happy Sensitive Learn more about empaths here. There's so much useful information, including training and how to tell if you are an emapth or just empathic.
Otylia Wrzos TarotA lot of incredible information on tarot and more!  In Polish, but a translator link is at the top of the page.
Gorgeous handmade jewelry from Phoenix Fire Designs! Her Tree of Life pendants can be customized with your favorite gemstones or colors and are absolutely stunning!

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