I go by Erajia online but in the real world I am Didi. I'm in my 30's, live in Central Mass with my partner and pet guinea pigs, and work from home. I've been practicing with the cards off and on my whole life. I do not subscribe to any particular religion, but I do consider myself a water witch and I am quite spiritual. I'm an empath, something that has helped and haunted me my whole life, and I am only learning to control it in recent years. I tend to blurt out what I'm thinking and I can come off quite crass at times, but I always strive to be helpful and honest with friends and strangers alike. Nothing makes me happier than making the people around me happy. More on that below.

     An empath can sense the feelings of the people around them. I call myself a bullhorn for emotions, I tend to amplify and broadcast what the people around me are feeling. If you're at a high energy party and everyone is having a great time, then it's awesome. I can't say the same for being at a funeral. An untrained empath is easily overwhelmed by crowds and heavy emotions and needs to learn to shield and filter out some of the feelings coming at them or they will not have an easy life.

     I have a hard time telling people what I am and what I can do, because quite frankly it freaks them out. Some people do not want you to know how hard they are struggling. Sometimes someone has a secret that I do not want to know but I pick up on anyway. Imagine picking up on every little white lie that your friends and family say, but not knowing what they're lying about or why they're lying at all? It's a recipe for depression and anxiety. That's why shielding is a must.

     Emotions are energy, and learning to control your empathic abilities means learning energy work. Deflecting, redirecting, and learning to perceive emotional energy is key to not going absolutely bonkers. For me, that meant finding a unique way to see my own energy and make it work for me.

     Much like with my shielding techniques, my tarot reading is all about what works for me. The standard layouts don't often resonate with me. As an empath, I like to get a feel for what the cards tell me as I lay them out, so I use my own modified layouts that fit with my energy. I do not use inversions for the cards, I wait for them to tell me how they should be perceived. I find that I get much more accurate information doing it my way then by doing it "by the book" because with any sort of energy work, nothing has to be by the book, it's all about what works for you.

     What comes to mind when you want to feel protected? When you want to shield any bad energy coming your way? Some people will picture a brick wall, solid and tall. Others may imagine a ripped romance novel hunk with a massive metal shield, ready to fight off anything bad coming your way. I picture a fiddler crab.

Yeah, this guy right here.

     The fiddler crab spends his day filtering through sand, eating what he wants and spitting out what he doesn't. He's the perfect filter, and when someone gets in his space and he doesn't like it, he waves his big claw to scare them off. This is how I shield AND how I see my energy. In ritual spaces, I have visualized my crab building up my energy as if he were building a sand castle. It's a completely unique way to handle my energy and my shielding and it works for me. I encourage anyone who needs to learn shielding to really sit and think on what you need, you may not need the ripped hunk or the big wall, a little something that is meaningful to YOU could be just the thing.

My altar space is also what works for me. I use plants, gemstones, water, sand, fire and a variety of personal items to meditate.

     If you have any questions I have not addressed here, please feel free to contact me!


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